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The last few weeks saw a lot of changes in the SEO world. 

The culprit? ChatGPT.

The spotlight they received prompted Google, the giant search engine, to adapt.  

Not only that - Bing also made moves and the last few weeks were packed with buzz amidst announcements.

Today we're giving you the breakdown - and how to move forward.

What happened?

In the past weeks, we saw the massive rise in popularity of ChatGPT, paired with the announcement that Bing would incorporate OpenAI’s technology into a search result and the follow-up announcement from Google on its most recent development, Bard.

All of this in the span of weeks. Intense!

What do these changes mean?

Well, as these AI tools roll out in search results, we will see more synthesized answers, which might reduce the need for users to dig deeper into search results.

In turn, this leads to more zero-click searches and new ranking strategies.

You might be wondering: "Is SEO dead?"

Simple: no, it is not.

People will still search for answers and recommendations. What will change is the way we show results to them.

What's the best strategy going forward?

Digging through Google's Bard announcement, you are going to notice something:

AI can be helpful in these moments, synthesizing insights for questions where there is no one right answer. Soon, you will see AI-powered features in Search that distill complex information and multiple perspectives into easy-to-digest formats (...)

That is the key.

In the future, Google will pull results from different sources to give the user a summarized answer, but results won't come from one single source.

Therefore, you should still focus on writing the best possible content. But with one added caveat - you need to include your brand name in the segment that might be pulled by Google.

Can you use AI to write your content?

Yes, you can! 

Google makes it clear that the use of AI writing tools is allowed. That gives you new opportunities for content creation, but keep in mind this: what matters is that the reader finds that your content is good. Doesn’t matter if it is written by a human or an AI - they just need to enjoy it.


What has been deemed as the golden formula of SEO is no longer applicable. 

The whole game turned upside down.

New strategies are needed - the ones that take into account the possibility of AIs summarizing your content and having most of your searches return zero clicks.

At the same time, you’ll have the possibility of using AI to scale your content marketing.

The future holds many surprises. Get ready for them in time!

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