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Deep Memory is an EdTech app that makes learning any topic fast, easy, and durable. It’s a massive help for students as they memorize their material much faster through the spaced repetition method, one of the most efficient. On top of that, teachers can get insights into which students are falling behind so they can adjust their learning strategies.

What issues was Deep Memory facing?

When Deep Memory came across Notice, they were looking for a solution to deploy their documentation.

Being an early-stage startup, they can’t waste time on complex implementations and millions of editing options. They needed something that was fast to deploy, easy to use, and didn’t require code to manage.

They had dozens of articles and resources ready, with more coming. Starting out, this was a one-person job, and they needed a way to leverage their efforts.

How is Notice helping them?

Notice’s documentation feature gave them the freedom to get their documentation up and running on day 1. It was an incredibly easy process for them.

Their help center is now empowered with images and videos, making it easier for users to get the information they need.

And as their needs grew, so did their use of Notice. They started using the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy blocks. But the true game-changer was the translation feature. There were among the first testers, and the feedback was great. They could finally auto-translate all of their documentation with just one click, all within Notice. And this is what turned Notice from a “nice to have” to a “must have” for them.

Notice gives leverage to content management

Deep Memory can keep focusing on its product instead of managing content and installations. This provides the team with huge savings in mental effort. And whenever they need to get content out there, they do it faster than light ⚡

Looking for the simplest way to get content in front of your users? Learn more about how Notice can help you.

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