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Today we're starting something new here at Notice.

We're breaking down great content strategies used by different brands.

Our goal is simple - to give you inspiration and resources to draw from so you make your content absolutely top-notch πŸ‘Œ 

And the first victim of our analysis?

Rows - the makers of a new kind of spreadsheet.

What's Rows? 

Rows wants to give the world better spreadsheets. Their pillar (or should I say, column? πŸ‘€) is the ability to easily create and share graphics while pulling data from dozens of other tools.

They have a hefty community around them - spreadsheet aficionados that are tired of using Excel πŸ¦•

 And it's precisely the content strategy around their community that we're breaking down today.

Giving power to your community

This community around Rows is extremely valuable.

First, it gives them word of mouth and new users. If you create a spreadsheet, you're eventually bound to share it with other people. At the very least, if you're a Rows hardcore fan, you'll start talking about it to your friends and colleagues.

Not only that, by creating templates for useful spreadsheets, this community is increasing the value for new users who join. After all, if I sign up and have a template ready for me, I save a ton of time!

Now, the problem. Not all of these users are exactly motivated to share their creations with the world…

Not a problem - Rows will solve that.

Putting the spotlight on your power users

Henrique, Head of Growth at Rows, came up with a brilliant strategy.

He gathered these power users and did community spotlights around them.

From financial experts, to founders, and marketers - he covered multiple topics, generating word of mouth, new users, and new content.

(And making the power users even more loyal).

I can speak from experience, as they actually did a Community Spotlight on me! 😁

 This strategy benefits both users and Rows. And it works.

Making the most out of what you have

And so Rows grew thanks to its community.

Community management sounds difficult, but it isn't. Just make your followers feel valued! In the end, you get more loyal users and a ton of content to ship out.

Now, you might be wondering:

"Where can I write, manage, and publish all of my community content?!"

If only there was a solution - something that would get you Noticed πŸ’‘

Well, there's Notice! We give you the power to create your content structure from the ground up using blocks. Ditch out the complex plugins, themes, and skins - focus on the writing!


Thank you to Rows for helping us out with the article! You can learn more about their Community Spotlights here.

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