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Williams started fleeky as a solution to help hairdressers manage their agenda, payments, and more. A team of one, he has a lot of work managing the website, mobile app, customer support, and everything else that business requires.

What issue was Williams facing?

Even though he's just one, Williams wants to take fleeky further. And to do that, he needs to start eyeing other markets.

But all his materials are in French, and translating the existing content, plus all the content he creates in the future, demands a massive effort.

That's when he noticed we could help.

How is Notice helping him?

Notice can translate content into multiple languages, meaning that now Williams can target hundreds of millions of new users just by migrating his content, starting with the blog.

After migrating his blog articles, he can improve content management even more. His Terms of Service and Privacy Policy were looking old and loading slowly. With a simple integration of Notice on his website, they will look fresh and load super fast! ⚡

And the full power of Notice is now shining through. He can host all his content through Notice. He can add FAQs to his landing pages that will get picked up by Google and rank on rich snippets. Or set up his knowledge base, automatically translated to any of his target markets.

Notice gives leverage to content management

Williams just managed to scale 10x his productivity. Before, he would have to code, design, and implement different content platforms, followed by the search, hiring, and managing of freelancers to help him translate the content.

Now, he can take care of all that through our no-code editor. In minutes he gets his content done and out there. Noticeable improvements in his content management efforts 💡

Do you want your efforts rewarded and have your content stand out? Learn more about Notice.

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