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Testimonials: they’re a must-have for any business.

Without them, your website will just feel… empty. You might have the best product in the world, but without some testimonials, it’ll be hard to build trust with potential users.

What 90% of people don’t know is that they’re much more than just a CRO asset.

They’re also a way to boost your SEO rankings and thus get more of that sweet organic traffic.

They signal to Google that your website is trustworthy. And if you complete the tips below, you’ll turn your testimonials into SEO traffic boosters.

Include relevant keywords in your testimonials

I’m sure you have a list of relevant keywords you’re targeting.

But did you know you can include them in your testimonials to raise more traffic?

It will also help Google understand the context of that testimonial.

When you edit your testimonials, ensure that you maintain the original structure and wording of your customer statements.

Make it easy for a 5-year-old to read

Did your customers use expensive, pompous words to describe your business?

Time for an edit. 

Your audience wants it easy. 

Google wants it easy. 

So make it easy! Stick to short paragraphs and simple words.

Integrate your testimonials with case studies

Case studies are also a great way to convert users and establish credibility. They’re like an advanced testimonials.

By including testimonials inside case studies, you’re providing Google with more context on what it’s about. And that means more traffic.

Try it out.

Use structured data

Hey, this is super important.

Don’t even bother trying to boost your SEO rank with testimonials if you are not using structured data.

It is essential to use schema to do this - The review schema, to be specific.

That is the #1 way to give Google context on what you are writing.

Add images and videos

We’re leaving the most powerful for last.

This is not only a great way to boost the social power of the testimonial but also a great way to rank.

First, users will trust it more. Tell me what’s better: a text block that anyone could have written or an actual picture or video of the customer using that product?

Precisely. It’s much more convincing. Not only that, Google loves visual content. By adding it, you’ll also give a push to your rankings.

Oh, one more thing: Google uses time on the page to determine rank. Images and videos make the user spend more time on it. See where we’re going?

Put those testimonials to work

Pulling testimonials out of a user is already hard. So make the best use of it!

Follow these tips by heart - you’ll not only improve your conversion rate but also help your content rank on Google through testimonials.

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