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This the first of many articles where we present you a company using Notice. Today it's capsa, one of our early adopters 🌱

With all the frenzy around blockchain technology and crypto, it's good to be able to present a company with a working business model that brings value.

The pitch:

Make a passive income effortlessly

But now let Violetta explain to us how they do the magic 🪄

What is capsa?

For the experts, you could say that capsa is an on-chain quantitative hedge-fund 😅. For most people you would describe us as a crypto investment service managed by a professional trading team.

Why are you different?

First, we are a market neutral fund and we average a 15% return per year, almost risk-free.

Also, we create a new type of financial asset by providing a highly liquid token. So you can buy or sell quickly at anytime, and adjust your portfolio as you see fit.

Can you present the founders?

Tom is our CTO 🧠, he's responsible for all the technology at capsa and is always looking for new trading opportunities.

I am the CEO and responsible for the product, strategy and business relations.

How do you use Notice?

We use Notice for both our FAQ and documentation. It's a way for us to communicate all our user-facing content.

I wanted a beautiful FAQ and documentation optimized for SEO with a nocode editor for the team, we got exactly what we wanted.

Notice fits great with the other tools we use at capsa because it sits directly inside the page, it's customizable and not intrusive.

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